What is it?

A friendly competition among TinderHackers to see who’s the most active badass!

Why play along?

Accountability to get more active, improve health, and become the best badass you can be.
Weekly “winners” (most steps) will get something awesome from me! (30 min coaching call or I’m open to suggestions)

How do you decide the winners each week?

Steps are tracked in the fitbit app and compared (automatically) among friends in their mobile app.
The concept is simple — the more steps, the better.

What do the winners get?

Anyone who get more steps (tracked on fitbit) than me in any given week (Monday – Sunday) will get invited to an inner-circle group call on Google Hangouts.

The person who gets the most steps for each week will get a 30 minute call with me to work on Tinder, or business, or whatever they want!

When’s this shit going down?

Weekly contest starting July 2015.
If this page is still up, the contest is still going.. join us!

How to participate?

Step 1: Get a Fitbit Flex, Charge or Surge

The Flex is the entry level model. It’s the one I started with a few years ago, but it eventually died. It’s super lightweight, and really comfortable. My favorite part about this model is the fact that you can swap out the rubber wristbands anytime. The “brain” is a small, bluetooth-connected, devices that rests inside a pocket in the wristband. The little brain is allegedly waterproof. I wore mine in the ocean many times, which might have been one (or the only) cause for it’s demise.

The Charge is the model I went with this time around. I chose it because I like the idea of having a watch and stopwatch included. It also displays the name of anyone who text or calls me, which I can imagine would be handy if I were in the middle of something and only wanted to pull out my vibrating phone if being beckoned from someone really important.

The Surge is for the ballerest of ballers. It’s essentially a smartwatch, but for under $250, it’s one of the most affordable on the market. Not sure how the features compare to a Pebble or Apply Watch, but seems really cool. I still wonder if I should have just paid the extra hundred dollars and picked it up instead. Oh well.. no reason or time for regrets.

Step 2: Add me as a friend on fitbit here


Step 3: Comment below with fitbit link or username!

Once we give everyone enough time for their fitbit to arrive, I will send out an email letting you know the exact week we will kick this thing off!

Swipe hard, my friend!

Want more Tinder matches?

I’ve got you covered.

First off, you need to understand that the quickest and easiest way to get more Tinder matches is going to involve you first profile picture on Tinder. Most of the women who are swiping you are only going to look at that first picture, so it needs to draw them in and pique their interest.

If you are not getting as many matches as you’d like on Tinder, or not matching with the high-caliber women of your dreams, then the best thing you can do it to test a different (first) profile image.

4 Tips for testing images on Tinder

  • Get input from (female) friends about which images are “best”
  • Implement a data-driven approach to testing your images on Tinder
  • Leverage other sites like Facebook or OKC to test images
  • Understand that testing and optimization is an ongoing experiment

Get Input from Female Friends

Let’s be honest — it is REALLY hard to choose which is the “best” picture of yourself. It’t not your fault; it happens to everyone. We are all very self critical, and have our own bias opinion about our flaws and imperfections. Ideally, you should get a friend to help you choose the “best” images of yourself. And in a perfect world, this would be a female friend who you know will be unconditionally honest with you.

When seeking out this feedback, I’ve found that it’s best to be completely honest with your intentions. Ask a female friend (or two) to please help you choosing your best image for your Tinder profile. You can point them to your Facebook profile to scan images, or send her a handful of your favorites via email. Either way, it is very important that the female is transparent about which images she likes and dislikes, and hopefully tells you “why” so you can get reassurance of the female point of view.

Use a Data-Driven Approach

Getting the opinion of a female friend is smart. Getting feedback from multiple girls is even better. But even in this case, the outcome is far from scientific. It is still only leveraging a very small sample size of women, and it is undeniable that different women have different preferences. For this reason, I highly recommend you use a data-driven approach to identifying the best profile images for your Tinder profile.

Once you have surveyed a few girls, and identified the “top picks” that could potentially become your primary Tinder profile image, it’s time to put these images to the test. You want to alternate (first) images, swipe a pre-determined amount of girls, and record the results (matches) to see which one actually preforms the best.

Hopefully you have narrowed down your “best” pics to 2-4 images. At minimum, you want to test two different images. There is no maximum, but the more images you want to test, the longer it will take.

Before you start the experiment, you will want to note how many matches you currently have. This is important because you want to see how many new matches you get from each image you test.

For each image, right-swipe a minimum of 100 girls (if you do not have Tinder Plus, this will have to be spread our over several days). I like to use 100 (or multiples of 100) because it is then VERY easy to determine “match-rate” as a percentage. After you have swiped 100 (or chosen number) of girls, wait 24-48 hours to see how many matches you get (since some girls do not go on Tinder every single day). Compare how many matches you have now, to the number you had before starting the testing of that image. Write that number down, then swap out your first image and test again.

At the end of this test, you should have concrete data on multiple images — and a “winner” of which image is best. If two images are tied or very close, then you might want to repeat this process with more right-swipes for each image. The bigger difference in match-rate-percentage you fine, the more likely that higher percentage is statistically significant to be your “best” image.

One great thing about this test is it automatically self-adjusts for your location and match preferences. For example, in Arizona (where I live), a picture of me surfing might be the best image because women think a surfer guy is sexy and unique. But in Los Angeles (where I used to live), women might think the whole surfer thing is played out… and won’t respond well to it. Test you images to figure out the best ones for your specific location.

Leverage Facebook and OKCupid

If you want to take you image testing a different direction, you have many options! You can use Facebook as a testing grounds, implementing a similar strategy to the testing above. In this case, you might upload an image as your Facebook profile image, and then see how many “likes” it gets over the course of a week. Then upload a new profile picture and see how many “likes” that one gets. One difference worth noting is that on Facebook, you might get “likes” on both images from a single person. That person might like you because they know you, and not because they prefer any particular image of you compared to others.

Another alternative is OKCupid. This dating site actually offers a service which will test you profile images against each other, then give you a report of which one preformed the best. This is an awesome way to get validation for your choosing your best Tinder profile pictures, but should be taken with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that OKC is a different dating platform from Tinder, and tends to attract a somewhat more serious crowd (not as serious as Match.com, but still more serious than Tinder). In any case, it is never a bad idea to continue testing and validating which image of your will yield the best results.

Test, Test, Test

I wish I could tell you that once you test two images, identify the winner, and use that as your primary Tinder profile image, you are done. That is not the case. Testing you profile images (and other parts of your Tinder profile) is an ongoing process. If you are lucky, you will continue to see affirmation that the images you are using are the best ones. However, you also need to realize that you will soon reach “market saturation,” meaning that the girls in your area are going to see you image (and either “like” or “not like” that picture). In order to capture a larger audience, you sometimes need to switch things up and try a new picture.

The Ultimate Tinder Guide

Increasing the number of matches you get on Tinder is only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve put together a complete eBook called “TinderHacks” that walks you through the entire Tinder process, from match to message, and texting to dating. Click below to pickup your copy of TinderHacks for just $27!

TinderHacks by Blake Jamieson

Hey TinderHacker, Blake here!

To kick off this blog, I’ve decided to showcase an AWESOME Tinder profile that has been CRUSHING it. You could learn a thing or two about how to make your Tinder profile stand out. After all, there are literally thousands of dudes competing with you for the same matches.

This time around, it’s not my profile!

Enter, Roy. He is a good friend of mine, who has graciously allowed me to share a little preview of his creativity and insuing domination.

It’s really no surprise that Roy found a way to kill it on Tinder. He is a creative dude with a knack for standing out.

One might expect to see a “case study” of how a happy customer use EXACTLY what is in the TinderHacks book to find immediate and overwhelming success. Sorry to burst your bubble…but Roy actually didn’t use the exact methods in my book.

Why I love this success SO much…

When I created TinderHacks (eBook), Roy was among the first to check out the content. After all, we’ve been friends for years now. Most people who read the book immediately email me asking to make them pictures just like I originally used. I don’t know if they just read the intro section of the book and get an urge to “make a move” without finishing the book…or they don’t understand why that tactic worked in the first place.

For those of you who haven’t read the TinderHacks eBook, my first Tinder experiment consisted of me adding test that said “Hot match of the day” to my profile picture, then swiping as many girls as I could. The experiment was a massive success, and (kinda) went viral, landing me press on AdWeek, Business Insider, MSN, Modern Man, FHM, and more!

But I feel like people got so hung up on that exact execution, they forgot why it was actually successful on Tinder.

It worked because I was diFeRenT!

Anyways, enough with puffing up Roy’s ego… let’s dive in, shall we?

Screenshot_2014-08-20-21-33-08There is seriously NO way not to notice this first image.

The expression on Roy’s face grabs your attention, and appropriately fits with the “WAIT!” text at the bottom. It’s clearly a calculated move, and insites curiosity to see what else this stranger has in store for you.

If nothing else, you’ve got to swipe to the next picture…just to check it out.

If you can get someone to check out your profile, you are that much closer to a match. And the matches you DO get are more “qualified” to have genuine interest in you.





The second picture includes text that says “Phew! …that was close!”

The great part about this image is this…

The only people who get this far are already intrigued to play the game.

Roy got them curious, and now he has them smiling. Smiling releases endorphins and they are already basically in love with him because they associate Roy’s face with happiness. (Not really, I totally just bullshitted the last bit) Back to the point – Roy now has their attention. There is NO way someone is going to swipe this far and stop. I just can’t happen.




Hi, I’m Roy!

Waiting until they’ve committed to not one, but THREE, pictures of your face to introduce yourself eh? So let me get this straight…

You captured their attention and got them to say “Huh?” ..which piqued their curiosity enough to swipe again.

Then you made them giggle, or in some cases, burst out in laughter and/or tears of joy.

Then you said, “Hi, I’m Roy!”

OK then, “Roy” …well played.



Screenshot_2014-08-20-21-33-34What’s next? A call-to-action in the form of a question!?

“…and you are?” (“he demands confidently” *in my best Sterling Archer voice*)

Wait. You must be in internet marketing….

Oh that’s right, you ARE. Roy, you are a true genius.

You are giving girls the chance… no… the OPPORTUNITY… to introduce themselves and tell you how much you made their day.

The text could be moved up just a tiny bit to avoid overlap with the dots, but that super minor…and I hear it’s in the works. 😉



“How nice to meet you!”

I see what you did there. You assumed the sale. You know she just said her own name aloud (or at least in her head) after you asked her name… which was after you you made her giggle… which was after you made her curious.

Well THAT escalated quickly! 😉 

For those of you wondering, Roy added the text to these images using the PiclabHD mobile app, which I highly recommend. It is available on both iOs and Android mobile devices.


I am sure you are wondering how this profile is working out for Roy. While I can’t go into exact details, rest assured that Roy is crushing it with this new profile sequence!

Key take-away:

You don’t NEED an exact blueprint to succeed on Tinder.

However, if you DO want a blueprint for profile optimization, messaging, and general Tinder strategies – you are encouraged to check out the TinderHacks eBook. You can pick up your copy HERE.

Swipe hard, my friend!
Blake Jamieson